.EU domains

.EU is the TLD code for European Union. .EU domains are managed by EURid and EUReg is accredited partner since 2007.

Registration conditions

Domains can be registered by any individual or company that resides in European Union. Foreign companies must use a branch registered in any country of the European Union.

Registration duration

Domains can be registered for any period between 1 year and 10 years. At any given time, the maximum validity period for a .EU domain can be 10 years.

Expiration and quarantine

If the current registrant does not renew a domain name before expiration date, it goes to quarantine for a period of 40 days. During the quarantine period, the domain is not working but it can be restored by paying the Renewal fee + Quarantine restoration fee. After 40 days of quarantine, the domain is deleted and made available for others to register it at the normal price.

Prices for .EU domains

  1-10 years
Registration €9 / year
Renewal €9 / year
Transfer €9 / year
Trade €9 / year
Restore from quarantine €20