To transfer the ownership of a .RO domain, you must complete several steps described below.

Because both the current and the new owner have their part in the process, please don't change any domain details (such as using the new owner's email before the transfer is completed) and don't push the domain to the new owner's account.


    The current owner (registrant) generates the trade authorization key on the RoTLD portal and sends the key to the new owner. The key is sent by RoTLD to the email address of the current owner.

    EUReg doesn't have access to the RoTLD portal or the trade key.

    Read step by step instructions how to obtain the Trade authorization key

    Click here for RoTLD Portal
    If you don't have a password for the RoTLD portal, you can reset the domain password.

  2. New owner details

    The new owner uses the trade authorization key and fills the Start trade form with his details.

  3. Ready for transfer

    When the transfer is completed, a new maintenance period starts and the old one is lost. EUReg issues an invoice for the new maintenance period to the new owner.

  4. Finalizing the transfer

    New owner pays the invoice and EUReg finalizes the transfer. Domain will be available in the new owner's account where he can change the technical details.