How to transfer your domain to EUReg

1. Check the domain
Type your domain name in the bar above and we'll check if it can be transferred to us
2. Prepare transfer
You will need to obtain a transfer key and to unlock the domain to permit transfers
3. Submit for transfer
Complete the checkout process and we'll start the transfer right away. Some transfers are completed within seconds, others can take up to 5-7 days.

Requirements to transfer a domain name

Domain Extension Requirements Duration Price
  • Authorization Key from RoTLD Portal
Instant transfer Free of charge
  • Authorization Key from current Registrar or EURid Portal
Instant transfer 9 EUR
  • Authorization Key (EPP Code) from current Registrar
  • Unlocked domain
  • Domain was not registered or transferred in the last 60 days
Up to 7 days Price list

FAQ about Transfers

In most cases, yes you can transfer an expired domain name. While in quarantine, services associated with a domain name are not working, but during this period you can renew your domain name or transfer it to another Registrar.

The quarantine periods depends on the Registry and Registrar. For RoTLD .RO domains the quarantine period is 90 days, for EURid .EU domain names the quarantine period is 40 days, while for generic extensions (.COM/.NET/.ORG, etc) is usually 30 days.

When transferring a .RO domain name from another Registrar, the expiration date of your domain name will not change.

For generic extensions (such as .COM/.NET/.ORG, etc) the remaining time is carried over and your domain name will be renewed for one year.

Nameservers configured for your domain name are transferred as-is and if you are not using services from the old Registrar (eg. mail, web hosting), the services attached to the domain name will continue to work while the transfer is executed.