.ro domains

.RO is the TLD code for Romania. .RO domains are managed by RoTLD and EUReg is accredited partner since 2007.

Registration conditions

Domains can be registered by any individual or company. Individuals are required to provide ID/Passport number and companies must provide a registration number or VAT number.

Registration duration

On Mar 1st, 2018 .RO domains will switch to annual maintenance fee according to RoTLD, the .RO registry.

All domains registered before the year 2014 will expire in the year 2018 according to the following schedule:

Registration month Expire date Example
in Jan or Feb same day in Jun 2018 Jan 20th, 2011 will expire on Jun 20th, 2018
in Mar or Apr same day in Jul 2018 Mar 15, 2013 will expire on Jul 15, 2018
in May or Jun same day in Aug 2018 Jun 22nd, 2013 will expire on Aug 22nd, 2018
in Jul or Aug same day in Sep 2018 Jul 4th, 2013 will expire on Sep 4th, 2018
in Sep or Oct same day in Oct 2018 Oct 10th, 2007 will expire on Oct 10th, 2018
in Nov or Dec same day in Nov 2018 Dec 18th, 2010 will expire on Nov 18th, 2018
Starting 2014 5 years later Mar 21st, 2015 will expire on Mar 21st, 2020

Starting March 1st, 2018 you can extend the validity of your domain by adding between 1 and 10 years.

Transfer domain

You can transfer the domain administration from one registrar to another registrar free of charge. The transfer is executed in real-time and requires a transfer key that you can obtain from RoTLD website.

To transfer your domain to EUReg you need to obtain a transfer key from RoTLD. View the step by step tutorial how to obtain the key.

Trade domain

To trade a .ro domain you must obtain an authorization key from RoTLD portal and follow the procedure described here.

Expiration and quarantine

If the current registrant does not renew a domain name before expiration date, it goes to quarantine for a period of 90 days. During the quarantine period, the domain is not working but it can be restored by paying the Renewal fee + Quarantine restoration fee. After 90 days of quarantine, the domain is deleted and made available for others to register it at the normal price.

Prices for .RO domains

  1-10 years
.ro domain registration €9 / year
.ro domain renewal €9 / year
.ro domain transfer FREE
.ro domain trade €9 / year
Restore from quarantine FREE