Auctions: How it works

Domains in quarantine

If the owner of a domain doesn't pay the yearly maintenance fee, the domain will be suspended (quarantined) for a period for 90 days. After the quarantine period the domain will be deleted from the registry and will be available for registration on a first-come first-served basis.

Bidding for your domain

If more people are interested in a domain name, a public auction is started and the highest bidder will be awarded the domain name if we manage to capture it. The auction for a domain name will close 1h before the estimated release date.

You are bidding on the First In-line service that will try to register the domain on your name and in addition to the service fee you must pay the 1 year registration fee for the domain name.

Capturing the domain

We monitor the domain status and as soon as it's removed from the registry, we'll try reserve it for the highest bidder. The more popular the name the more people will be interested in that domain and more companies (like us) will try to capture it, therefore we cannot guarantee in any way that we'll capture the domain.

Successful capture

If we manage to capture the domain, you will receive an invoice by email, invoice that you need to pay within 24h otherwise the reservation might expire.


Due to technical issues when our servers are overloaded, some bids might not be recorded or even if they are recorded they are in fact not valid.
We can, in our sole discretion, refuse a bid or not award a domain. We will not comment or justify our decisions in any way.